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3d printer Bed preperation with BuildTak

Do you want a product that is well recommended and is the ideal 3D printing surface?

Why is BuildTak the ideal 3D printing surface?
Frustrated with getting your 3D prints to stick? Ready to put away the blue tape, Kapton, hairspray, ABS juice, Perfboard or other solutions? We have the answer! BuildTak is a thin, durable plastic sheet that adheres to the print bed of FFF (fused filament fabrication) 3D printers. It provides an optimal printing surface for 3D objects to adhere to for the duration of a print, while allowing for a clean, easy removal of completed builds.

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Key Benefits:
Ease of use

Creates an optimal bond between the 3D printed object and the build surface for the duration of the print while preventing curling or object coming loose. When builds are complete, the 3D printed object can be cleanly removed with minimal prying or scraping.

BuildTak sheets are more rigid and durable and last longer than traditional methods like Kapton. This reduces time in continually applying print surfaces and extends protection to the original print bed surface.

Ease of installation
Easy installation to the bare print bed and clean removal without adhesive residue usually with less air bubbles.  There is no need for pre-treatments such as hairspray or acetone slurry. to download a guide just click HERE or watch the video. 

Works with MANY filaments
Works with ABS, PLA, HIPS, PET+, Brick, Wood & Flexible (TPE) filaments; additionally we have had success with getting nylon and t-glase (PETT) to adhere when used with a thin layer of washable glue stick on the BuildTak surface.  This means you can use different filament materials without the need to change the printing surface.

Heat Resistant
Patent-pending heat resistant composition, developed to withstand the typical temperatures used on heated print beds (i.e. 110-125C). With safety in mind, BuildTak is composed of raw materials that are UL flame rated.

BuildTak Just Works!

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