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PETG 3D printer filament Nature 1.75mm Or 3.0mm

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Commonly called T-galss, short for Tough Glass, this new and unique filament has some very interesting characteristics with regars to clearness and strength. It is made from the highest optical quality PETG material. Unlike other polymers, some PETG, including T-glase are not considered "transparent". Instead, it belongs to a group of polymers that are considered "colorless" and or "colorless with a percentage of reflectivity".T-glase is also considered "water-clrar" and "optically correct".



Material PETG filament
Color Nature  (7 colors available)
 Diameter 1.75mm or 3mm
 Filament weight 1 Kg
Print Temperature 220 - 260°C
Best  temperature 240°C
Bed temperature 60-80°C 
Compatible with Createbot, Makerbot, UP, Cubify, Leapfrog Creatr, Builder, Felix, Reprap,Ultimaker and any other FDM 3D printers
 Package 1kg/spool; 1kg/spool sealed vacuum plastic bag with desiccants
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