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Silk 3D printer filament Red 1.75mm Or 3.0mm

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Silk filament is hybrid made by a variety of bio-polymer material with silk appearance. Using this material, we can make the model look more compelling and more beautiful. It's very suitable for lamps, vases, clothing decoration and crafts wedding gift.

  1. Materials: polymer composites;
  2. Slightest lubricated surface for distributing bright brilliant silver, the same as milk has a unique gloss;
  3. Good toughness, high gloss, easy to peel and smooth printing;
  4. Not change the material characteristics and color by high-temperature extrusion 3d printer, perfect copy;
  5. Accurate diameter: 3.0/1.75mm, variations + /-0.03mm, roundness +/-0.02mm;

Silk Filament gives a soft sheer appreance product samples
Silk Filaments from Torwell Australia


Material Silk filament
Color Red (7 colors available)
Diameter 1.75mm or 3.0mm
Filament weight 1 Kg
Print Temperature 190 - 210°C
Best  temperature 205°C
Bed temperature Make the heated bed off
Compatible with Createbot, Makerbot, UP, Cubify, Leapfrog Creatr, Builder, Felix, Reprap,Ultimaker and any other FDM 3D printers
 Package 1kg/spool sealed vacuum plastic bag with desiccants


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